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Split system

Air - Conditioner


LCLX-R134a screw compressors

General Features

Made of strong welded steel frame protected with polyester powder painting.

“Screw” type they are mounted on rubber shock absorbers and equipped with an electronic integrate module to protect against overheating, discharge shut off valve and crankcase heater.

With shell and tube evaporator with one or two refrigerant circuits and one water circuit. The insulation is with a flexible closed-cell lining. As protection the end user or the installer will foresee a flowswitch or differential pressure switch in order to stop the compressors in case of no water flow.

Each unit is supplied with one or two independent refrigerant circuits; filter dryer, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve with buffer battery, service schrader valve, liquid line valve, gauges HP/LP with shut off valves and discharge shut off valve. To protect the refrigerant circuit the following devices are fitted: man. reset high pressure switch, man. reset safety switch, aut. reset low pressure switch, antifreeze thermostat and safety valve.

Weather proof type protected to IP44. It includes: main circuit automatic reaker switch with door locking device, main fuses, compressor contactor, auxiliary circuits transformer. Microprocessor to automatically control the unit with a display to indicate the functions as well as alarmconditions.


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