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Split system

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Split system

ACM Kalte Klima is ready to deliver split system for heating and cooling that will perfectly suit your space. We design and produce entire range of split unit air conditioners for industrial and commercial buildings: split chillers, air-cooled condensing units as well as condenserless solutions much more solutions using split technology.

Our split units for air conditioning are available in a wide range of specifications from 10 to over 1.600 kW compatible with various type of eco refrigerants (R513A, R134A, R410A, R32A) and featuring scroll or screw compressors. Equipment is highly versatile in its application.

Every solution designed by ACM Kalte Klima including split systems for heating and cooling is featured with a special reference to high standards of environmental protection: use of green refrigerants without chlorine atoms and high performance in terms of energy saving make our split air conditioning machines completely eco-friendly.

Our air-cooled condensing unit and split chillers are developed using advanced technologies and high quality materials to guarantee reliability, efficiency and durability. Suitable for indoor installation, our air-conditioners are designed for stable noise reduction during each phase of operation. Our technical team can easily convert personal requests into tailor-made solutions, contact us to get a competent assistance in your air-conditioning project.

Condensing units

A significant porsion of company’s split system production is dedicated to air-cooled condensing units. To ensure efficiency of split systems for the spaces of any range and complexity and provide stability in any operational conditions we created SMAEY condensing unit series.Particular attention is paid to...Data sheet category ›

Condenserless units

Specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of air conditioning systems for civil, commercial and industrial sectors ACM Kälte Klima produces industrial condenserless chiller featuring technologies for reliable and effective air-cooling in any conditions. ACM Kälte Klima includes two ranges of evaporating...Data sheet category ›