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Split system

Air - Conditioner


MCAEY- R410 scroll compressors

General features

Self-supporting galvanized steel frame protected with polyester powder painting. Panels are easily removable for maintenance and service activities.

Hermetic «scroll» type with overload protection by a klixon and complete with oil sight glass. They are installed on vibrations absorbing rubber and placed within a closed compartment to reduce sound level and to allow service and maintenance activities while unit is in operation.

Brazewelded plate type. The circuit is made to guarantee an homegeneous cooling of all the water flow even during partial load. The insulation is made of flexible closed-cells lining. It is advisable to fit a differential pressure switch which will stop the unit in case there is no water circulation on the plate to plate evaporator.

Copper tube and aluminium finned coil. As option a protection grid is available.

Axial fans with aerodynamic outline blade section made of Al/Mg, directly coupled to a single-phase electric motor with external rotor. A safety fan guard is fitted on air flow discharge.

Each unit is supplied with: filter dryer, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve, service valve. To protect the refrigerant circuit the following devices are installed: manual reset high pressure switch and automatic reset low pressure switch, antifreeze thermostat. The heat pump units version (MCAEY…H) contain, in addition: safety thermostat on compressor discharge line, 4-ways valve, check valve, solenoid valve, liquid receiver.

Weather proof type with protection grade IP54 installed in the compressor box to enable service and maintenance activities while unit is in operation.


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