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Quality management and liability in every aspect of our production and services ensured our solid reputation between important industrial chiller manufacturers in Italy and abroad. We focus on production of cost-effective energy saving solutions that are essential for heating and cooling systems in industrial and commercial buildings. Air-cooled chillers manufactured by ACM Kalte Klima together with reversible heat pumps represent a perfect solution for thermo hygrometric comfort providing key feature of our energy-saving portfolio.

ACM Kälte Klima catalog of industrial chillers includes machines from 13 to 1.600 kW range with various type of eco refrigerants (R513a, R134a, R410a, R32) with scroll or screw compressors. Essential choice of free cooling chillers can satisfy a wide range of needs inside industrial spaces related to manufacturing. Special series (W, J, etc.) are also available on request.

Latest innovations in the field of industrial air-conditioning together with high quality materials use define ACM Kälte Klima among air-cooled chiller manufacturers on both local and international market. Particular attention to every detail as well as environmental protection awareness is only some of characteristics that contribute ACM Kälte Klima products to stand out in the market.

The reversible heat pumps air-water represent an excellent solution to reach both high performance and cost-effective efficiency in an air-cooled chiller.

Discover the wide range of heating and cooling solutions for manufacturing spaces defining ACM Kälte Klima among industrial chiller manufacturers in Italy. Contact our consolidated team of experts to find the best solution in line with your requirements.

Air cooled water chillers and reversible heat pumps

Our company obtained excellent performance in a full-circle production of water-cooled chillers and reversible heat pumps. Scroll and screw compressors are manufactured according to individual project for each client using high quality standards and engineering expertise of our professional team. Manufacturing...See all products ›

Water cooled water chillers and reversible heat pumps

ACM Kälte Klima is a leading air-conditioning supplier offering a wide selection of water-cooled chillers and reversible heat pumps for commercial and industrial spaces. Our offer includes entire range of production and services related to water-cooled equipment including design and full circle manufacturing of...See all products ›

Multifunction units for 4-pipe systems

ACM Kälte Klima multi function chillers are defined by high-performance, versatility and model range to satisfy constantly growing requirements of modern market. Manufacturing industrial air-water chiller we focus on specific needs of the client to satisfy concrete goals and requirements in industrial air...See all products ›

Air cooled water chillers free cooling system

The free cooling chillers are particularly suitable whenever it is necessary to guarantee chilled water all year long for industrial uses. In fact, this kind of machines are excellent to be set in industrial and commercial buildings. The mode of operation of the free cooling chillers depends on the outside...See all products ›