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Industrial air conditioning systems

Expertise in production of industrial air conditioners and close control units allows ACM Kälte Klima to deliver optimal solutions for projects of any scale and complexity. We manufacture industrial air conditioning units and systems that satisfy a wide range of needs and industries. You can find machines from 30 to over 350 kW ranges, with air flow ratio from 6.000 to 60.000 mc/h including various types of eco refrigerants (R134a, R410a) and scroll compressors.

It is possible to choose between two types of air conditioning unit: rooftop air conditioners and close control units.

The first type of industrial air-conditioning system is designed to be set on the rooftop of manufacturing and commercial buildings in order to remove any power supply and mounting limitations including noise reduction inside the building. Close control units represent ideal industrial air conditioner suitable also for server farms, control rooms, cooling of racks of computers, data centers, UMTS and GSM centers and network operation centers.

Have a look at our air conditioning units, their benefits and capabilities in industrial sector: contact us to identify the best solution for your needs!

Air-conditioner ROOF-TOP

Thanks to efficient production models our roof-top air-conditioning equipment fully conforms to Italian and international standards. Together with quality management standards ACM Kälte Klima develops own product portfolio offering essential selection of standard roof top equipment and tailor made solutions in line...See all products ›

Air - Conditioner CLOSE CONTROL UNIT

The air conditioner close control unit is an excellent solution to solve the cooling problems in the most technological applications, like server farms, data centers, control rooms and in every situation in which a concentration of electronic machines requires a refrigeration of the air to ensure their correct...See all products ›