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Italian industrial refrigeration Company

ACM Kälte Klima is one of the most experienced industrial refrigeration companies on Italian market providing professional and efficient services on all matters related to commercial heating and cooling systems. We hold a production facility of over 3.500 square meters located in the industrial Zone of Arzergrande on the east side of the Padua city in Veneto region. Production resources are completed with professional engineers specialized in industrial refrigeration, international sales department and experienced management team.

Highest quality standards developed by leading industrial refrigeration manufacturers are strictly followed and supported by engineering team of our company. ACM Kalte Klima is capable to design both standard and customized systems in line with customer’s requirements like heating and cooling temperature, dimensions, commercial demands and more parameters. Along with production we provide complex testing of heating and cooling equipment according to conditions determined by a customer. Our portfolio includes large-scale customized projects of industrial cooling installation in Italy and abroad.

ACM Kalte Klima offers from 10 to over 1,500 kW range air-conditioning with various type of industrial eco-refrigerants (R507a, R134a , R410a , R404a), including:

• Air cooled and Water cooled water chillers
• Heat pump reversible version
• Air cooled condensing units
• Condenserless chillers;
• Air cooled water chillers free-cooling;
• roof – top units;
• Multifunction units for 4-pipe systems”;
• Close Control unit (database centres);
• Heating and cooling system for plants.
• Process cooling and industrial refrigeration.