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ACM Kälte Klima

ACM is professional Italian company specialized on production and services related to commercial air conditioning systems for industrial refrigeration, established in 1987 by a group of expert engineers. Our focus on quality and liability has earned us the recognition of Italian and European enterprises as a reliable manufacturer of air-conditioners, chillers, roof-top units and all types of process cooling systems.

Since ACM was founded we have been offering our clients high-quality products and flawless service, defining industrial cooling standards and setting the direction of commercial air-conditioning in Italy. In January 2004, ACM decided to extend its company name to “ACM Kälte Klima”, renew the image with a trademark that denotes an even stronger European vocation.

ACM Kälte Klima offers a wide range of industrial refrigeration systems with a production facility of over 3.500 square meters situated in the Industrial Zone of Arzergrande on the east side of Padua city located near Venice in the center of Veneto region. Modern office accommodation includes multilingual sales department and engineering department with strong experience in design of standard or special air-conditioning equipment. ACM Kälte Klima is a consolidated team of specialists that understands client’s needs and perfectly assess customer requirements (temperature, dimensions, etc.). ACM Kälte Klima facility is fully capable of testing all the process cooling units manufactured, according to the conditions determined by the customer.

Among commercial air-conditioning manufacturers, ACM Kälte Klima stands out for its exceptional quality standards of production and services – a key commitment both in planning and in setting of industrial refrigeration machines.

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