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MCAEY- R410 scroll compressors

The unit is self-supporting and constructed from galvanized sheet metal painted with polyester powders. The access for maintenance inside the unit is facilitated through easily removable panels.
It utilizes a hermetic "scroll" type compressor with integral thermos amperometric protection and an oil level indicator. The compressor is mounted on elastic supports within a closed compartment that provides weather protection, noise reduction, and allows inspection while the machine is in operation.
It features a brazed plate type evaporator with a circulation design that ensures uniform cooling of the entire water flow, even at partial loads. Thermal insulation is achieved using closed-cell polyurethane foam. A differential pressure switch is recommended on the hydraulic circuit to prevent compressor operation in the absence of water circulation, ensuring evaporator protection.
It is equipped with a finned coil that consists of copper tubes and aluminum fins. Protective screens/filters are available as accessories.
Equipped with die-cast blades featuring an aerodynamic profile, they are directly coupled to single-phase motors with an external rotor and thermal contact. A safety grille is installed at the air outlet.
Each unit is equipped with a drier filter, a refrigerant flow indicator with a humidity indicator, a thermostatic valve, and service Schrader valves. Additional protective features include a high-pressure switch with manual reset, a low-pressure switch with automatic reset, and an anti-freeze thermostat. In heat pump versions, the refrigeration circuit also includes other components like a safety thermostat on the compressor discharge, a cycle reversal valve, check valves, a solenoid valve, and a liquid receiver.
The electrical panel, designed to withstand weather conditions with an IP54 protection rating, is situated inside the compartment that houses the compressors. This placement enables adjustments and measurements to be made while the machine is operational. It includes a main switch with a door lock, protective fuses, contactors, and thermal relays for the compressors. A transformer for auxiliary circuits is also present. Furthermore, a microprocessor for the automatic management of the unit and the display of its operating status and potential blockages is integrated into the panel.

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