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KRSAY-AE R410A scroll compressors

The self-supporting structure consists of extruded aluminum profiles connected with 3-way joints (without the use of protruding screws). The structure is supported by a base of galvanized steel beams, and the panels are of the sandwich type with injected polyurethane insulation. The structure is painted with RAL9002 paint. The sealing is ensured by specific long-lasting gaskets, which maintain a perfect airtight seal over time, even under normal operational pressures.
It utilizes hermetic "scroll" type compressors equipped with a crankcase heater and an oil level indicator. The compressors are mounted on rubber supports designed to absorb vibrations and are placed within a closed compartment to reduce noise emissions. Maintenance operations can be performed while the unit is operational.
It features coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins, equipped with a protective grille. Protective grilles or epoxy treatments are available on request.
They are equipped with aerodynamic blades and coupled to a three-phase electric motor with an external rotor. They are also fitted with a safety grille.
The refrigeration circuit includes a filter, a visual indicator, an electronic expansion valve, and a solenoid valve. For protection, high-pressure switches with manual reset, low-pressure switches with automatic reset, and any necessary safety valves are installed. In the heat pump versions ("H" models), additional components include a 4-way valve, double thermostatic valve, liquid receiver, and check valves.
Housed within the compressor compartment, it boasts high weather resistance. It enables service and maintenance activities while the unit is operational. The panel includes a general switch with a door lock, protection fuses (with magnetic circuit breakers available on request), contactors, and thermal relays for the compressors. A transformer for auxiliary circuits is also provided. Each unit is autonomously managed by a microprocessor that displays the operating status and/or any blockages of the unit.

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