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Water / water chillers and heat pumps

In the wide range designed, manufactured and marketed by ACM Kälte Klima , large spaces have water / water chillers and reversible industrial heat pumps, refrigerating units capable of cooling the various air conditioning needs of your agency. These devices are highly reliable thanks to the quality of the construction materials, the expertise of the developers, the full compliance with the strictest quality standards and the possibility of creating customizable solutions , tailored around the specific needs of the customer. . The MCWY (or MCWY-NR), SCWY (or SCWY-NR), LCWX, LCWU and LCWT lines with ease of installation and maximum operating efficiency. The refrigeration units of industrial chillers and industrial heat pumps enjoy a guarantee of quality thanks to the authority gained by ACM Kälte Klima over the years: leading company operating on an Italian and international scale in the field of air conditioning systems for civil, commercial and industrial uses, can count on a headquarters in Azergrande (Padua) which extends over 3,500 square meters and which sees a large team of technical professionals engaged every day and commercial.
Non-reversible water / water heat pumps from 18 kW to 75 kW
Water / water chillers Reversible water / water heat pumps from 15 kW to 60 kW
Water cooled water chillers Reversible heat pumps water cooled from 50 kW to 840 kW
Water cooled water chillers from 200 kW to 1550 kW
Water cooled water chillers from 160 kW to 1210 kW

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