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Condensing units

A significant porsion of company’s split system production is dedicated to air-cooled condensing units. To ensure efficiency of split systems for the spaces of any range and complexity and provide stability in any operational conditions we created SMAEY condensing unit series. Particular attention is paid to refrigerant circuit and condensing performance: each device is completed with service valves for suction and discharge and device set for manual reset pressure control to ensure circuit protection. H-version of air-cooling condensing units are supplied with additional safety systems like thermostatic, no-return or 4-way valve, compressor discharge line and liquid separator. Scroll compressors represent best practices of hermetic type application with overload protection features. Condensing and evaporating features of air-cooled units are ensured with copper tube and aluminum finned coil supplied with optional protection grid. Possibility of service activities when unit is fully operational is provided with weather proof electrical board. Galvanized steel frame panels can be easily removed for maintenance.
Air condensing units reversible heat pumps from 16 kW to 64 kW
Air condensing unit, reversible heat pump from 50 kW to 380 kW

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