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Condenserless units

Specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of air conditioning systems for civil, commercial and industrial sectors ACM Kälte Klima produces industrial condenserless chiller featuring technologies for reliable and effective air-cooling in any conditions. ACM Kälte Klima includes two ranges of evaporating units: the MCLY/SCLY series with scroll compressors and BPHE evaporator and the LCLX range with screw compressors and shell&tube evaporator. Each unit is supplied with one or two indipendent refrigerant circuits, with filter, sigh glass, expansion valve, pressure switchs. Is available also other accessories: hydraulic kit (pumps and tank), remote condenser (standard or super-silenced, rubber antivibrators, refrigerant gauges. The capacity available is from a minimum 10 kW to 1400 kw.
Evaporating units for indoor installation from 45 kW to 360 kW
Evaporating units for indoor installation from 170 kW to 1350 kW

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