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Condenserless units

Over the years, ACM Kälte Klima has specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of air conditioning systems for civil, commercial and industrial sectors. Among all the split air conditioning systems, our industrial condenserless chillers deserve a special mention thanks to the advanced technologies and high-quality materials that make them extremely reliable, durable and effective in any condition. In particular, we provide two models of condenserless units: the types MCLY/SCLY are equipped with scroll compressors and plate heat exchanger, while the type LCLX is equipped with screw compressors and shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Each unit can also be supplied with one or two independent refrigeration circuits, as well as filters, expansion valves, and pressure switches. Other accessories are also available: hydraulic kit (pumps and tank), remote condenser (in the standard or super-silent version), anti-vibration rubber, refrigeration pressure gauges. Moreover, all our models are characterized by a wide range of power levels, from a minimum of 45 kW to a maximum of 1400 kW. Our team of experts is always at your complete disposal to develop customized solutions according to your personal requests. Discover all the technical details of our industrial condenserless air conditioning systems: choose ACM Kälte Klima and contact us!
Evaporating units for indoor installation from 45 kW to 360 kW
Evaporating units for indoor installation from 170 kW to 1350 kW

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