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Air cooled water chillers free cooling system

Air-cooled chillers with free-cooling system are particularly suitable whenever it is necessary to produce chilled water for industrial use throughout the year. For this reason, this kind of machines, such as our models MCAEY-FC and SCAEY-FC, are excellent to be installed inside industrial and commercial buildings, where a constant air cooling process Is required. The mode of operation of air-cooled chillers with free-cooling technology depends on the outside temperature: when it is higher than the temperature of the inner liquid, the water is cooled by a compressor; otherwise, the system takes advantage of the low temperature of the outside air to achieve the same final result. Thanks to this double mechanism, free-cooling and traditional technology, it is possible to have several advantages: the strong reduction of operational costs during the mid-season, the free production of chilled water in winter, the reduction of maintenance operations, the greater durability of machines, and significant energy savings. These models of air-cooled chillers with free-cooling system accurately represent the professionalism and reliability of ACM Kälte Klima and are suitable to satisfy a wide range of needs. Our team of experts is always at your complete disposal to study and develop new solutions according to your specific requests. Discover all the technical details of our products on our website and download our catalogue where you can find all the characteristics and performance of each machine. Choose ACM Kälte Klima and contact us!
Free-cooling air-cooled water chillers from 13 kW to 55 kW
Free-Cooling air-cooled water chillers from 45 kW to 690 kW

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