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Air-conditioner ROOF-TOP

Thanks to efficient production models our roof-top air-conditioning equipment fully conforms to Italian and international standards. Together with quality management standards ACM Kälte Klima develops own product portfolio offering essential selection of standard roof top equipment and tailor made solutions in line with client’s requirements. Scroll compressors for heating and cooling of industrial and commercial buildings are made using high quality materials and brilliant ideas of our engineering team. Roof positioning of these air-conditioning machines is possible thanks to a particular construction calculated to be set on the top floor of the industrial buildings. Installation space helps to overtake some limits of the cabinet systems: roof-top air-conditioning are more powerful thanks to its size, and more silent thanks to its external placement. ACM Kälte Klima products are planned to obtain an excellent environmental comfort with minimum energy consumption: latest advanced technologies ensure stable cost-effective solution for bigger spaces. One of the substantial advantages of roof-based ACM Kälte Klima air-conditioners is its low environmental impact: in addition to considerable energy savings, our housetop solutions use the green R410A refrigerant that doesn’t damage the ozone layer, as it is free from chlorine atoms. High quality materials and attention to details make our roof-top air-conditioning solutions reliable and durable in any operating conditions.
Roof-Top self-contained all-air outdoor air conditioners from 30 kW to 150 kW
Roof-top air conditioner from 30 kW to 350 kW

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