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Air - Conditioner CLOSE CONTROL UNIT

The air conditioner close control unit is an excellent solution to solve the cooling problems in the most technological applications, like server farms, data centers, control rooms and in every situation in which a concentration of electronic machines requires a refrigeration of the air to ensure their correct function. Acm Kälte Klima plans and produces different types of air conditioner close control units, able to satisfy a wide range of needs. All of them are characterized by an innovative design that allows to exploit the space and to reduce at minimum their dimensions. In order to guarantee versatility, reliability and durability of all the Acm Kälte Klima’s solutions, the best materials and the latest technological innovations are used to realize the air conditioner close control units. They are planned also to allow a quick inspection during the maintenance operations. The low weight of each close control unit makes it very easy to move it. Special precautions are considered also to reduce the noise and vibrations during the operation phase. Our team will be glad to help you to identify the best solution for your requirements!

Close control unit CCUY are to be seen as the most advanced solution to all problems of air conditioning in all technological applications.
The CCUY THIN air conditioners are to be regarded as the utmost solution to control the conditions in technology centres.
Innovative design technology with computer aided tridimensional modeling allowed us to produce units with the best internal space exploitation.

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